Rwanyana Village Project

In addition to the support offered to individual young people and local schools following last year’s music festival, the committee also provided a small grant to the Bevan Community School in Rwanyana, Uganda.

You may ask why a Valley group would contribute to a school in Uganda. Well, a local resident is from that village and has devoted her life to supporting the people who live there. She has so inspired others in that quite a few youngsters are now sponsored by people living in this part of the world so that they get an education and just as importantly regular meals. A charity, Rwanyana Community Trust has been set up to ensure that every penny raised goes directly to the people who live there and is used by them to improve their community by their own efforts. If anyone would like to find out more they can contact

The school has vibrant music and dance and uses drums and shakers to provide the backing. Our grant enabled the school to buy materials to make more of these instruments to enhance music making in the school.

It also provided for music groups to teach the children how to use these traditional instruments but as in the UK schools are under lock down at present. It is worthwhile to consider the needs of those who are far worse off than ourselves but who have their lives enhanced by music making.